Best Irvine Residential Locksmith
Best Irvine Residential Locksmith
Best Irvine Residential Locksmith

When it comes to home security and your family home's safety needs, look no further than Dick's Lock and Safe. Dick's Lock and Safe is the best Irvine residential locksmith.   Irvine is a planned city in Orange County, California.  The city is perfect for building homes and a good family life, which is why Dick's is quite honored to serve the community at Irvine.

Dick's Residential Locksmith Services

There are many options available in the market when it comes to home security.   We have a wide variety of electronic locks that are available for homeowners.  These electronic lock systems are designed to give you much more control over your home's security and even monitor your home whilst you are away on vacation for example.

Electronic locks are one of the services that we offer at Dick's.  With our years of experience spanning three generations, we can offer you full-service residential locksmith products, from traditional lock and key, to highly advanced smart system security. Check out our wide-range of services including:

Lock Installation & Repair
Locks Opened & Changed
Rekey Specialists
Key Duplication & Creation
Home Lockouts
New lock installation
Window guards
Patio glass door lock installation and repair
Eviction and marshall lockout service
Lock change / install / repair
Lock re-key
Master re-key
High security locks
Cabinets locks
Gates installation
Intercom systems install / repair
Access control systems
Garage door locks
Installations – Deadbolts, Knob and Lever Sets, Keyless Entry
Vault Openings

Home Electronic Door Locks

With electronic door lock systems, there is no need to worry about keys being misplaced or getting lost.  Electronic door locks use your personal code or PIN, keying it on a hard keypad or a touchscreen keypad to gain access to your home.  Electronic door lock systems give you a great amount of control, allowing you to program a temporary passcode for selected guests.  This also allows you to delete certain passcodes that are no longer needed in the system.

Aside from using a passcode to gain entry, there are other ways to open and gain access thru electronic door locks.  The most popular ones are RFID, Bluetooth-enabled devices, biometrics, and smartphone applications.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses a card or a badge or a key fob in order to gain entry into a secured area.  Some smart systems use a combination of keypad entry and RFID entry.

An electronic lock system can also use your smartphone's Bluetooth device in order to gain access to your home.  Once the system detects your phone's Bluetooth, the system recognizes you and allows you access.  Secondary systems are in place as backup, in case your phone has low battery charge.

Biometric systems use your fingerprint to gain entry into a secured area.  Programming your fingerprint into the system signals the electronic door to open for you.

Whether it's electronic door locks, smart key systems, home safes, or traditional lock and key, Dick's Lock and Safe has got you covered.  Give us a call today and find out how we can provide you the best Irvine residential locksmith service.  714-528-3984

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