Best Newport Beach Residential Locksmith
Best Newport Beach Residential Locksmith
Best Newport Beach Residential Locksmith

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Residential Locksmith Services at Dick's Lock and Safe

We all live in a world that's full of advancements in technology, improving our lives for the better.  Home security and safety has joined these advancements with the onset of high-tech security systems, now available for residential customers.

At Dick's Lock and Safe, we embrace this new technology to deliver the best Newport Beach residential locksmith services.  We are a full-serviced residential locksmith and we offer various products and services to meet your family's home security requirements.  Some of the products and services we offer are:

Home Lockout services
Keyless entry
Master Keys
Window guards
Patio glass door lock installation and repair
Lock Installation & Repair
Locks Opened & Changed
Key Duplication & Creation
High security locks
Cabinets locks
Home safes
Gate installation, and so much more.

Should You Get A Home Safe?

A safe can be an excellent addition to your home security.  Safes are designed to protect your valuables and documents from both theft and fire.  There are many types of safes offered in the market today, each specifically designed with different characteristics.  

Should you decide to get a safe, ask yourself these questions:

What items will I keep in the safe?
What's the total networth value of the items to be put in the safe?
Do I need to protect my valuables from theft?  Fire?  Both?
What is my budget for getting the best quality safe for my needs?
How much storage space do I need?
Do I need to keep these valuables at home instead of keeping them in a bank safe?

Home Safes: Should You Get a Home Safe?

Aside from keeping unwanted intruders away from your home, you also have valuable items that need protection against theft, such as important documents, jewelry, collection items, and even money.  A home safe can protect these items.  Ask yourself these question when considering a home safe:

What valuables do I have that can be stored in a safe?
What would be their total value?
Should I keep these valuables at home or would they be safer in bank safes?
How big or small a safe do I need?
How much am I willing to spend for a home safe?
Are my valuables in need of protection from theft or fire or both?

If you decide to get one, then read on and have a look at the variety of home safes that are available to you.

Types of Residential Safes

   1.  Fire Safes: These safes can withstand fire and heat up to 350 degrees.  Usually these safes are made to protect documents (i.e. birth certificates, wills, passports, etc.) and other items that may not be worth much to a burglar.  

Unless specified by the customer, fire safes are primarily built to protect valuables from fire, but not theft.  However, some safes can be both fireproof and burglar proof. If you just need to protect your documents, then a fire safe is fine.

   2.  Burglar Safes: If your concern is both theft and fire, then ask for a safe that gives you protection against both.  Burglar safes are made with stronger, harder, and more solid steel plating compared to an ordinary fire safe.  With such safes, you can have documents, jewelry, and money safely stored.

There are three common types of burglar safes to choose from; standalone safe, floor safe, and wall safe.  If you don't mind having a safe just tucked in a safe corner, standalone safes are a good choice. If you want a safe that you can keep hidden, both a wall and a floor safe can be hidden from view.  

Inform your friendly residential locksmith what you need and they will help you make that wise decision.

   3.  Gun Safes: Are you a gun collector?  Or a gun owner?  Then consider a gun safe.  With gun safes, you can protect your family, especially children, from possible misuse or theft of these weapons.  

Keeping these weapons away from theft and from your children is responsible gun ownership.

Have you decided what you need?  With Dick's Lock and Safe, we've got all your home safe needs covered.  We guarantee to give you the best option according to your budget and needs.

And that's not all.  Come to us for any residential locksmith service that you might need.  Call us today and we'll provide you with the best Newport Beach residential locksmith service.

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