Best San Clemente Residential Locksmith
Best San Clemente Residential Locksmith
Best San Clemente Residential Locksmith

In the Beautiful beach city of San Clemente, Dick's Lock and Safe offers the best San Clemente residential locksmith services.  There are 11 beaches along the coastline of San Clemente.

Advantages of Dick's Lock and Safe

We are a family-owned company, having done business for over 50 years, spanning 3 generations, offering a wide-range of locksmith services to homes and businesses alike.  Our long years of business success in the community demonstrate our good reputation in the community.

Our locksmith and technicians are experts, trained, licensed, bonded, and insured.  We are dependable and very capable of serving all your home and office security needs.  What's more, our prices are competitive—we offer the best service at a good price.  We even offer discounts for military and senior citizens.

Residential Locksmith Services

Dick's Lock and Safe is a full-service residential locksmith. All your security and locksmith needs are covered whatever your needs.  Many homes have different needs in terms of home security.  As such, we offer locksmith services that are just as varied and diverse—from the standard lock and key to advanced smart lock keyless entry security systems.  Some of the services we offer include:

Key Duplication & Creation
Home Lockouts
Master Keys
Access control systems
Garage door locks
Installations – Deadbolts, Knob and Lever Sets, Keyless Entry
Vault Openings
Lock Installation & Repair
Locks Opened & Changed
Rekey Specialists
Lock re-key
Master re-key
High security locks
Cabinets locks

What Are Home Electronic Door Locks?

In this day and age of advanced technology, home security options have increased tremendously.  If you look around and do your homework, you will find that such technology now is affordable and if you prefer to have this kind of security, we at Dick's Lock and Safe can give you many options too choose from.

Home electronic door locks are systems where you don't need a physical key to open the door.  The usual system consists of a passcode that is entered into a keypad or touchpad in order to gain access to a secured area—yes, similar to what you see in movies, but these are very cost-effective for home use as well.

The beauty of this kind of system is the option of flexibility, your ability to change these passcodes as often as you want to, to offer temporary passcodes to visitors or service pepe, and the option for remote control.  There are 3 main options for these systems:

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID): this is a technology wherein the door is programmed with a security pad that can be opened using either a badge, an ID card, or a key fob.

Bluetooth-enabled lock and key: another type of keyless entry is using the Bluetooth technology of your smartphone to open the door. These Bluetooth-enabled systems detect the Bluetooth technology of your gadget so that you can have access to the door.  In case you end up with a dead smartphone battery, there is usually a code as a backup option.

Biometrics: This is a system that uses a fingerprint or a handprint, as examples,  in order to enter the premises.

Do you wish to explore this new and exciting home security technology?  Or do you need to have your locks fixed, changed, or modified?  Do you want to have windows and garage doors secured?

Whatever home security option you may choose, we have it and we can definitely help you.  For the best San Clemente residential locksmith, call us today and we'll give you expert advice, and a free estimate.

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