Best Westminster Locksmith
Best Westminster Residential Locksmith
Best Westminster Residential Locksmith

Dick’s Lock and Safe is the best Westminster residential locksmith.  Westminster is a city in Orange County, in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.  The city prides itself as a “Great Place to Live, Shop, Work, and Visit.” Westminster is definitely as good as advertised because of great employment opportunities, good schools, and its top-notch amenities for picnics, barbeques, recreation, and sports activities.

When it comes to home security services, Dick's Lock and Safe is the best Westminster  residential locksmith. We can add ‘safety’ to list of things the city is great at.

Residential Locksmith Services Offered

Dick’s Lock and Safe is a full-service residential locksmith that caters to all types of homes.  You can choose from the traditional key and lock, to the more advanced yet affordable electronic door locks and keyless entry system, and a lot more.

Here are the varied and diverse services we are offering:

  • Access control systems
  • Garage door locks
  • Intercom systems install / repair
  • Installations – Deadbolts, Knob and Lever Sets, Keyless Entry
  • Vault Openings
  • Eviction and marshall lockout service
  • Cabinets locks
  • Lock change / install / repair
  • Lockouts
  • High security locks
  • Window guards
  • Master re-key
  • Lock re-key
  • Gates installation
  • Hardware sales and service (knobs and more)
  • Patio glass door lock installation and repair

Home Electronic Door Locks

Dick’s Lock and Safe offers electronic door locks and keyless entry systems. These locks and systems come in a variety of forms, each having quality features designed to protect your home. These include RFID, keypad, biometric (fingerprint), or Bluetooth. You can even choose between passcode systems or touch screen panels.  It’s up to you to decide.

Here are the main choices you can choose from. Let’s learn more about each electronic door lock system in detail:

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): With this technology, the door is programmed with a security pad that can be opened using either a badge, an ID card, or a key fob. These ID cards or key fobs are programmed into the system and can be revoked when it is no longer to be used.
  • Bluetooth-enabled locks and key: With this system, you can use your mobile device to gain access to the door. The system senses your device's Bluetooth and it is equipped with a secondary security system in case of low battery.
  • Biometric entry: This technology uses fingerprint identification to open the lock. Your fingerprint is scanned into the system and uses it to tell the system that the person is allowed access.
  • Smart Apps: Some electronic locks can open remotely via an app and can integrate with your home automation system for added security and protection. You can opt to add more features that can automate certain tasks at home, such as turning on or off the lights.

As the best Westminster Residential locksmith, Dick’s Lock and Safe has got you covered. Whatever home security options you opt for, we have it.

If you have inquiries or you want to usel our services, give us a call at 714-528-3984 to talk about what security features best fit your home.  Or, visit our Contact Us web page here

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